Emily Hannah Rose Steinfeld: Paperweights II: Slow Gifts

November 26 – December 26, 2014

Press Release

Light & Wire Gallery presents Paperweight II: Slow Gifts, a series of slow cooked GIFs/screensavers by Emily Hannah Rose Steinfeld. The series, in its second incarnation, considers screensavers – aesthetic placeholders for a vestigial, technological utility – and paperweights – things that hold down your papers. Both are certain kinds of ornamental, super-background, for sure, but useful — they have a use — or they used to. Screensavers function in your absence — appearing when you are not working; signifying gaps in productivity; gaps in boredom. Are you working? Paperweights make sure the wind doesn’t take your papers while you are having tea. The work itself is made up of layers, literally and photoshoppily. Things on things and behinds behind. Objects moving into abstraction as their use loses reference.

At some point, screensavers stopped being necessary to save your computer screen from burning ghosts of information onto your desktop. It’s a kind of homeopathic solution, one that vaccinates against ghosts with ghosts – screensavers and ghosts having some shared qualities: disappearing when you touch them, moving out from the corners of your eye. They appear when you are not paying attention, when you are otherwise engaged — when your levels of productivity are low. Furniture music for your computer. Neither are not meant to be watched. If you are actually looking, really watching, maybe you’re stoned?

The work is displayed as GIFs until downloaded to your desktop as screensavers. All screensavers are downloadable and easily mounted on mac or windows systems.

Emily Hannah Rose Steinfeld was born in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and a BA from Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. Her work has been exhibited at Complimenta, Ithaca, NY; BlankSpace Gallery, New York; LAX, Los Angeles; Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles; JB Jurve, Los Angeles; and Takt Gallery, Berlin.