Daniel Newman: Cha-Cha (Halloween) and Other Recent Photographs

JANUARY 13 – FEBRUARY 11, 2011


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Light & Wire is pleased to present CHA-CHA (HALLOWEEN) AND OTHER RECENT PHOTOGRAPHS, an ongoing body of work by Daniel Newman.

Newman’s work is not easily categorized, nor does he utilize a single process or medium. His open dialogue with art is a reaction to his lived experiences, to the situations and contexts that present opportunities for exploration. Newman has developed a multi-media production that traverses and transcends traditional forms of photography, video, choreography, installation, and books. His practice is a means to find patterns and recurrences in the unpredictability of the natural order; an approach reflected in the artist’s own nomadic lifestyle.

Newman has completed a number of works over the past few years that study our growing fascination and dependence with cyber culture. VIRAL VIDEO (2006-07) collected and re-presented over 60 hours of YouTube footage as a sprawling 80-channel installation. 60 MINUTES, a project which is still in the works, comprises 108,000 random web images obtained through a web parsing software designed in collaboration with a software developer. WWW (2009, NAME Publications, Miami) employed only downloaded text and image and was shortlisted by the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, for the 2010 Artist’s Book Of The Moment Award.

For his Light & Wire project, Newman expanded on the gallery’s initial concept of “faking” the exhibition space, a technique previously employed by several artists on the site, in order to realize his “ideal” exhibition space. With the help of his childhood friend turned Zürich-based architect Brian McIntosh, Newman has built a photography gallery to present a vast number of works, eliminating monetary constraints and the limitations of physical dimensions. The works presented in CHA-CHA (HALLOWEEN) AND OTHER RECENT PHOTOGRAPHS form a catalogue of documentation, broken narratives, and distorted perceptions, recalling an air of humor and happenstance while unearthing the grotesque scenery that surrounds us. In the eleven galleries created by Newman and McIntosh, the artist will exhibit nearly fifty photographs, all of which are available in a coffee-table sized catalogue, downloadable for free via the Light & Wire Gallery website or available for purchase in limited edition hardcover bound print form via the gallery. We ask that you visit Light & Wire Gallery online to see Newman’s project.

- 1/11/11, Light & Wire Gallery, Los Angeles

Link to Daniel Newman’s website