Marie Jager: L’Heure Bleue



*The project “L’heure Bleue” no longer functions on this site but can be viewed as an archive here.



Marie Jager,
L’heure bleue
, 2010
Online piece for Light and Wire Gallery
Photographs, Sounds and Text, 24 hour loop


The blue hour, it’s is not really an hour, it’s a minute. Just before dawn, there is a minute of silence. Day birds are not awake yet and night birds are already asleep (…) Silence in nature, that’s scary! (…) It’s the only moment where one feels nature stops breathing. And that’s scary!!
- Quatre Aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle, Eric Rohmer, 1987

Then, silence.
- The Hunting of the Snark, Lewis Carroll, 1874


Light & Wire Gallery presents an online project conceived by Marie Jager titled “L’heure Bleue”. The title is based on the French expression, “l’heure bleue”, or the blue hour, which refers to a moment in the early morning when all birds, diurnal and nocturnal, are asleep and one can experience total silence in nature.

The web-based piece will appear on the gallery website as a series of photographs of the sky in actual Los Angeles time on a 24 hour loop together with sound recordings of night or day birds. Everyday from 5:59 AM to 6 AM, Los Angeles Time (Pacific Standard Time), the website will become silent. The photograph will depict that specific blue sky one can see at that moment between night and day.

The viewer, depending on the time zone where they are located when accessing the website, will experience day, night, and the blue hour at a different time than their own.

The piece for the website will function like a clock or chimes, but instead of marking the passage of time with sound or a bell ring, the passage of time is marked by a brief silence interrupting 24 hours of continuous sound.

Special thanks to Nick Lucking in helping produce this exhibition. Additional thanks to Gus Koven & Julie Orser.

*The exhibition “L’heure Bleue” no longer functions on this site but can be viewed as an archive here.